Trix Performance Academy Staff


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Emily Piccoli, Principal
Jana Brock – Behavior Modification Interventionist/  Instructional Coach
Kelsey Mills – Office Manager
Sarah Seely – Kindergarten
Kelly Lotarski – Kindergarten
Jacquelyn Moore – First Grade
Monique West – First Grade
Kristine Clark – Second Grade
Meghan Shepley – Second Grade
Karly Moore – Third Grade
Leanna Lim – Third Grade
Joyce Ohannasian – Fourth Grade
Kathleen Seguin– Fourth Grade
Bethany Canada – Fifth Grade
Johari Brown – Fifth Grade
Timothy Smedley – Sixth Grade
Taylor Van Dyke – Sixth Grade
Anthony Swim – Middle School Science
Michael Bonds – Middle School Social Studies
Codi Kramer – Middle School ELA
Andrew Mills – Middle School Math
Carolyn Wilson – Intervention Specialist
Mike Foster – Intervention Specialist
Stephen Paul – Intervention Specialist
Kree Bayne – Special Education Social Worker
Jessica Condeni – Special Education Social Worker
Dana Wischman – Title Tutor (K-2)
Heather Holdridge – Title Tutor
Kevin Olejniczak – Title Tutor (K-8) Math
Shanna Pope – Title Tutor (3-5)
Brooke Moruzzi – Title Tutor
Carrie Melville – Title Tutor (7-8)
Lisa Ortlieb – Title Tutor (4)
Princy Sharma-Sarpal – Special Education Paraprofessional
Lisa Llanos – Special Education Paraprofessional
Wendy McDonnell – Special Education Paraprofessional
Kathryn Jahnke – Speeech
Kevin Scott – Martial Arts Instructor
Joe Michniewicz – Fitness Instructor

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