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  • Timothy Baggs, Principal
  • Meredith Baker, Assistant Principal
    Elishebah Isreal, Office Manager
    Kathleen Crosby, Office Manager
    Charese Binder, Kindergarten
    Taylor Byrd, Kindergarten
    Lindsey Lopinto, First Grade
    Caitlin Anthony, First Grade
    Ashley Caldwell, Second Grade
    Kristin Rudy, Second Grade

  • Jennifer Bruner, Second Grade
    Shannon Ooten, Third Grade Language Arts
    Courtney Curtis, Third Grade Math
    Rebecca Florio, Fourth Math and Science
    Ryan Hunt, Fourth Grade Language Arts
    Kelley Hudson, Fifth Grade Lnaguage Arts

  • Faith Koehne, Fifth Grade Math

  • Holly Adomitis, Middle School Language Arts

  • Phillip Bossie, Middle School Math
    Katlynn Stanley, Middle School Science/Social Studies
    Brian Niemann, Fitness Instructor
    Stuart Dapper, Fitness Instructor
    Martin Ware, Martial Arts Instructor (State Champion)
    Khadijah Brown, Intervention Specialist
    Laura Sweet, Title 1 Specialist
    Karen Cooman, Title 1 Specialist
    Lori Ott, Speech Therapist
    Rosalind Davis, Educational Aide
    April Carpenter, Educational Aide
    Chris Johnson, Custodian
    Daniel Weaver, Custodian