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Welcome to Northland Preparatory and Fitness Academy. We are a first-rate academic and fitness institution where your student can grow intellectually and physically. We strive to instill the values of lifelong learning, strong character, and the importance of being physically fit in each of our students. Our staff and administration stand ready to provide the best possible education and preparation for life. Please explore our Web site for further information, and feel free to visit or contact us at any time.

Northland Preparatory and Fitness Academy
1875 Morse Road • Columbus, Ohio 43229 • 614-318-0600 Office

Egg Hunt. It's Free! Bring your own bag!


Saturday, April 8 • 1-3 p.m.

Northland Prep and Fitness Academy
1875 Morse Road • Columbus, Ohio 43229

FREE! | Bring your own bag!

Any Questions?
Call Amanda Voss, Principal at (614) 318-0600.


Informational meetings for interested parents will be held at
Northland Prep
1875 Morse Rd. • Columbus, Ohio 43229

Saturday, March 25 • 12-2 p.m.

Wednesday, March 29 • 6-8 p.m.

Refreshments will be provided.

Any Questions?
Call Amanda Voss, Principal at (614)318-0600.

Student Receive Positive Office Refferals!

students receive positive office referrals

Great job Jaylin, Naa, and Aubrey! These NPFA students received positive office referrals in March.

Central Ohio District Tennis Tournament

Performance Academies students from our 6 Columbus area schools (South Scioto, Northland, Columbus Prep, Columbus Performance, Whitehall, and Eastland) participated in our quarterly, Central Ohio District Tennis Tournament today! Way to go Columbus kids!

Students participate in tennis tournament

Golden Shoe Award Winners!


Golden Shoe Award winners

The Golden Shoe Award for the week of 02/27/2017 from Northland Preparatory and Fitness Academy goes to Mrs. Smith’s kindergarten class. They worked really hard  on tennis fundamentals. Their serving and volley skills came a long way this week. Great job kindergarten!!

~Mr. Jennings, NPFA Fitness

National School Choice Week!

January 23rd marks the first day of National School Choice Week 2017! Did you know more than 2.6 million students nationwide now attend a public charter school?


Link to NCSW Kick Off


Ohio celebrates National School Choice Week #SchoolChoice, 973 School Choice Week Events!

Ohio Third Grade Reading Guarantee

Third grade teachers

Our top performing third grade teachers and intervention specialists in our Ohio network of Performance Academies schools on the fall AIR reading test. So proud of them and all our third grade teachers who work tirelessly to help our third graders be super readers and to ensure every single one meets the requirements of Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee! Way to go! Keep up the great work!

Pictured (top photo) are 3rd grade Teachers:
Phillips, Pugh, Knox, Graham, Bartlett, Yerke, and Borhoeft (not pictured, Grell-Eastland Performance Academy)

Pictured (bottom photo) are Third Grade Interventionists:
Blevins, Zyndorf, Londergan, Eisenman, and Stevens.

Students learn to use Charts and Graphs

Students working at computers

Students at Northland Preparatory and Fitness Academy using computers and learning to use charts and graphs to plot out the elements of a story.

Golden Shoe Award Winners!

The Golden Shoe Award winner at Northland Preparatory and Fitness Academy for the week of January 6th is Ms. Andrews 6th grade class! Ms. Andrews’ 6th grade class worked very hard on their passing skills, and they have implemented these skills during game play. The students have worked, and will continue to work, very hard at improving their soccer skills. Way to go Ms. Andrews’ class!

~NPFA Fitness Staff

Golden Shoe Award Winners

Holidays Around the World

Holidays Around the World

“Holidays Around the World” celebrated at Northland Preparatory and Fitness Academy!

Students create “Character Gardens”

Northland Preparatory and Fitness Academy embraces character. Here are examples of “character gardens” at NPFA that grow as children engage in pro social behaviors and as they acknowledge positive behavior and kindness in others.

"Character Gardens" artwork

Columbus Area Performance Academies Spelling Bee Results!
Columbus area schools spelling bee winners


Columbus area Performance Academies students also recently competed in a regional Spelling Bee. Winners from the Columbus regional Spelling Bee are as follows:

  • 3rd place – EPA- Kamauri Oliver
  • 2nd place- WPFA- Fatou Sabally
  • 1st place – NPFA- Jacob Mowery (second year in a row winning!)

Way to go Columbus students!

Administrators visit with Students

Curriculum Director, Sara Cheraso, and Performance Academies Founder, Dr. Myrrha Satow visited classrooms at Northland Preparatory and Fitness Academy this week in Columbus. They and other administrators talked with students about students’ hopes and dreams for the year and they helped monitor implementation of new technology in the building, including lap tops, new Chrome Books, and software tools such as Study Island and Reading A-Z. Here they are visiting Ms. Speas’ classroom while students are using Study Island.

Sara Cheraso and Dr. Myrrha Satow visit with students

Charter schools make significant progress

The charter school sector has grown while improving performance and achieving advocacy wins

Charter Schools in U.S. Have Made Significant Progress in the Last 5 Years-Bellwether Education.

Bullying Incident Reporting

Student safety is always our primary concern. Our school is committed to ensuring all students are safe and well cared for. We take any report of bullying or harassment seriously, and we stand ready to speak with anyone who has a bullying complaint or concerns about bullying behavior. Bullying/harassment/intimidation is defined as:

“Any intentional, persistent, and repetitive written, verbal, graphic, electronically transmitted, or physical act that a student, or group of students, exhibits toward another student and the behavior both: a) causes mental or physical harm to the other student; AND b) is sufficiently severe that it creates an intimidating, threatening, or abusive educational environment for the victim. The definition of “harassment, intimidation or bullying” also includes the above described acts which are electronically generated, stored, or transmitted.

Traditional public schools and public charter schools in Ohio are required to report verified incidents of bullying two times per year. For the first half of the 2016-17 school year, the Northland Preparatory and Fitness Academy has had 0 verified incidents of bullying/harassment reports in which disciplinary action was taken.  Such disciplinary procedures may range from conferencing with students and families to out-of-school suspensions.

The school also takes false accusations of bullying seriously. The school has a policy against false accusations of bullying to protect persons against unjust accusations, particularly when such false accusations are intended to cause harm to another individual. Those who make reports in good faith, believing information to be truthful, do not have adverse consequences for reporting bullying behavior.

Notice to Parents Regarding the Opportunity to Object to the Release of Educational Data by ODE



Tuesday, May 9, 2017
6:30 p.m


Columbus Performance Academy
274 E. 1st Ave., Suite 200
Columbus, Ohio 43201

As a participant in the National School Lunch Program, this institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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