Middletown Prep & Fitness Academy Resources

We are excited to begin a new school year at Middletown Prep & Fitness Academy. We want students, parents, grandparents, guardians, and other responsible adults to have all the information they need for a successful school year. The calendar of events lists all the important dates for the upcoming term including holidays, breaks, in-service days, parent-teacher conferences, and report card releases.  We also have some sample breakfast and lunch menus that you can share with your children. All our meals are healthy and delicious.

School supplies and uniforms are required at Middletown Prep & Fitness Academy. We have supply lists for grades K-8. All supplies must be purchased, labeled, and ready for use on the first day of school. We also have a list of approved clothing and where to purchase it. School uniforms take the guesswork out of getting dressed for school each morning and also eliminate the distraction and competition associated with fashion trends, labels, and logos.

Middletown Prep & Fitness Academy has contracted with bus companies to transport students to and from school. We have included their phone numbers and you may contact the company of your choice to schedule pickup and drop-off; you can also check the availability and scheduling of before- and after-school services. Finally, we have included contact information. You can call or email us or use the online contact form.

Our school provides a holistic experience for students that focuses on physical wellness along with academic success. Please get in touch with us if we can answer your questions or address any concerns.