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  • Cathy Bean, Principal
  • Lisa Newman, Director of Academics
    Elishebah Isreal, Office Manager
    Barbara Garvin, Kindergarten
    Vicky Taylor, First Grade
    Meghan Freland, First Grade
    Sharon Smith, Second Grade
    Sherri Adams-Davis, Third Grade Math
    Marchell Dace, Fourth Grade ELA
    Alisha Clayson, Fourth Grade Math

James Oeters, Fifth/Six Grade Math
Jeff Babb, Fifth/Six Grade ELA
Rebecca Miller, Fifth-Eighth Grade SS
Stephanie Chaney, Seventh-Eighth Math
Misty Titus, Seventh-Eighth Math
Madeline Finn, Fifth-Eighth Science
Heather Schiefmeyer, Title Tutor
Lauren Kennedy, Intervention Specialist
Martin Ware, Martial Arts Instructor
Brian Niemann, Fitness Instructor
Thelma Brenka, Intervention Specialist
Bobbie Lanham, Intervention Specialist
Allison Bunger, Speech Language Pathologist
Alexandria Collier, Aide
Jada Reynolds, Aide