Select a name below to email that staff member:
  • Superintendent– Mrs. Granata
  • Principal– Mrs. Mills
  • Academic Coach– Mr. Watson
  • Academic Coach– Dr. Collier
  • Office Manager– Ms. Alexander
  • Office Manager– Mrs. Williams
  • KG– Dr. Adams Davis and Ms. Shelby
  • 1st– Ms. Wildon
  • 2nd– Ms. J Brown
  • 3rd– Ms. Turner and Mr. Poli
  • 4th– Mrs. Jawed
  • 5th– Mr. Shuffett
  • 6th -8th ELA– Mr. Francisco
  • 6th-8th Social Studies– Ms. K Brown
  • 6th-8th Science– Mr. Hopkins
  • 6th- 8th Math– Mr. Oeters
  • Fitness– Mr. Erkins
  • Martial Arts– Mr. Ware
  • Intervention Specialist– Earl Stinson
  • Intervention Assistant– Selena Smith
  • Title– Mrs. Schiffmeyer
  • Speech Pathologist– Mrs. Enlund
  • Therapist– Mrs. Henry
  • Building Sub– Mr. Spikes