Board Members

Performance Academy is a charter school system serving students (K-8) in Central, Southwest, and Northern Ohio. We provide a high-quality education with a curriculum that meets all State of Ohio educational standards. Our approach to our students is holistic — the focus is not only on academic achievement but on physical wellness and personal development. Students leave Performance Academies with the education and life skills to advance to the next stages of academia — high school, college, trade school, and beyond.

Performance Academies have boards of directors who oversee school operations and make recommendations on policies and procedures. Parents and school employees trust these board members to uphold the mission and vision of Performance Academy and ensure that all students receive the best education available.

Below is a listing of all of the current Performance Academy school boards and members. These individuals are elected to ensure that students are receiving a quality education that meets state and federal guidelines, policies are being followed, and that vulnerable student populations are not being overlooked.
If you have any questions about any of Performance Academy school boards or their members, please contact our corporate office at 614-512-2151. Thank you for choosing Performance Academy for your children’s education.

Central Ohio Board Members – consisting of:

  • Rebecca Blaho
  • Julie Brunner
  • Lynn Dembski
  • Phil Hill
  • Rick Howard
  • Rick Howard
  • Susanna Mayo
  • Brooke Putsch
  • Bethany Schweitzer
  • Patty Tumen

Southern Ohio Board Members – consisting of:

  • Carrol Dun
  • Abbie Jones
  • William Jones
  • Brian Kraack
  • Calvin Robinson, Jr

Toledo Board Members – consisting of:

  • Leroy Abernathy
  • Janice Hoffbauer
  • Mike Hoffbauer
  • David Ledrick
  • Maribeth Tercha

Harvard Board Members – consisting of:

  • Justin Bibb
  • Jeffrey Briggs
  • Brett Jones
  • Hakeem Thornton
  • Abigail Weaver