South Scioto Performance Academy is excited to welcome students to the new school year. It’s an exciting time and we want to make sure you hit the ground running! We have information available for students, parents, guardians, or other relatives so they can prepare for a successful academic year. Please pay special attention to our calendar. It includes important dates for report cards, parent-teacher conferences, in-service days, breaks, and holidays. Breakfast and lunch are available each day and you can see some of the sample menus for our delicious and nutritious meals. Students are also welcome to bring a sack lunch from home if they prefer.

All school supplies much be purchased, labeled, and ready for use on the first day of school. On our website, you will find the lists of required supplies, broken down by grades — K-8. South Scioto Performance Academy also requires school uniforms for all students. The main benefit is that school uniforms take the guesswork out of getting dressed for school every morning. In addition, standard clothing removes the competition and discussions associated with fashion trends, labels, and logos. We have included lists of approved attire and where it can be purchased.

South Scioto Performance Academy has contracted with two bus companies to transport students to and from school. We have included the phone numbers and it is your responsibility to contact them to schedule pickup and drop-off times for your children. The bus company will let you know what time kids need to be at the bus stop.

Lastly, we have included contact information and summaries of our policies and Title IX responses. They are available in their entirety in PDFs on our website.