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  • Jody McCurdy, Principal
  • Jazmyn Maxwell, Assistant Principal
  • Kristen Rhodes-Montgomery, Academic Coach
  • Airika Dickerson, Office Manager
  • Brittany Williams, Office Manager
  • JaJuana Ford, Kindergarten
  • Jennifer Cullers, Kindergarten
    Eunice Hayes, Kindergarten
  • Stephanie Chambers, First Grade
  • Michelle Bush, First Grade
    Tiffany Calloway, First Grade
  • Veejae Jones, Second Grade
  • Brittany Smith, Second Grade
  • Kamiya Tevis, Third Grade
  • Tiffany Hillsman, Third Grade
  • Joanna Harburt, Fourth Grade
  • Jenny Gehm, Fifth Grade
  • Michael Morland, Fifth Grade

Brittini Cheatem, Sixth Grade
Jessica Ogletree, Sixth Grade 
Timothy Biggers, Seventh Grade Science
Frederick Hays, Seventh/Eighth Grade Math
Monica Sommers, Seventh Grade Social Studies 
Kendra Payton Bell, 8th Grade ELA
Lisa Camper
, Intervention Specialist
Dawn Lechner, Intervention Specialist
Todd Gasho, Intervention Specialist
Jennifer Ray, Intervention Assistant
Ivan Tibbs, Fitness Instructor
Sherdon Smith, Fitness Instructor
Mark Preston, 
Martial Arts Instructor
Pope Crawford, Restorative Justice
Cassandra Engber, Speech Language Pathologist
Matt Eagen
, Title Paraprofessional
Rebecca Genson, Title Paraprofessional
John Smith, Title Paraprofessional
Lawrence Grier, Custodian
Annie Norton, Assistant Teacher
Darielle Russell, Special Ed aide