About Us

Performance Academies has designed a proven educational program based on the following characteristics:

Quality Teachers

Each Academy hires only state-licensed instructors and employs ongoing training and mentorship programs for all its staff.
Safety and discipline are vital to the school. This includes the use of uniforms and clear rules of conduct. Throughout all the Academy’s programs, and functions, building character is key to our mission.

Safety, Discipline, and Character

Imagine It

Several studies support the use of this phonics-based program for reading and language acquisition. Its integration of new concepts and repeated practice have been shown to be effective with our students.
Built to meet each of the Common Core State Standards, GO Math! uses technology and print to engage students and develop a deep understanding of mathematical practices. Extensive research has shown significant gains in educational achievement with the use of GO Math!

Go Math

Small Class/School Size

Each Academy strives to maintain small class sizes and a low student to teacher ratio. Small classes allow for personalized attention and enhances a staff’s familiarity of students’ educational and family needs.
Students at each Academy receive at least two hours of reading each day and 90 minutes of Math. Additionally, each Academy employs an extended school day. Daily homework reinforcing the day’s lessons is also required.

Time on Task

Ongoing Assessment

In addition to all required state achievement, diagnostic, and proficiency tests, each Academy administers a fall and spring pre- and post- test, as well as curriculum-based measures in the classroom.
Using the Ohio Model Curriculum, each Academy provides 1.4 hours of fitness every day. The fitness program builds character, teamwork skills, self-esteem, and physical health.

Daily Fitness

Child Find

“Child Find” refers to the efforts put forth by each Academy to identify, locate, and evaluate children suspected of having disabilities and determine the child’s need for special education and related services. Each Academy provides ongoing screening services to ensure all students receive a free, appropriate public education. Click HERE to link to Child Find Notice.