Middletown Performance Academy Transportation

Middletown Performance Academy offers bus transportation to take students to and from school each day. Parents can be assured that their children will get to school safely and on time. We contract with two bus companies and parents, grandparents, guardians, or other relatives are responsible for contacting the bus company of their choice directly to schedule bus pickup and drop-off. The bus company will let you know what time your children need to be waiting at the bus stop in the mornings and what time they will be returned home in the afternoon. Please confirm with the bus company about availability and scheduling for before- and after-school activities.

The bus companies follow Middletown Performance Academy’s schedule for in-service days, breaks, and holidays. The same protocol applies when classes are canceled due to inclement weather. Please make sure that our office has your current contact information so we can notify you of school closures or other changes in the schedule.

Bus companies:

Middletown City School Transportation: 513-420-4568
Franklin City Schools Transportation: 937-743-8670

Bus service is available to ensure that students get to and from school safely and on time and each bus company has its own rules regarding conduct while riding its buses. We ask parents, grandparents, guardians, and other relatives to make sure that their children are at the bus stop on time so they aren’t late for breakfast or their first class. Middletown Performance Academy wants all of its students to start and end each school day on a positive note, which extends to riding the bus.