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  • Lachelle Dixon-Harris, Principal
  • Linda Harris , Academic Coach
  • Jessica Wilcox, Academic Coach
    Shaniece James, Office Manager
  • Ashley Smith, Office Manager
  • Virginia Schmidt, Intervention Specialist
  • Peggy O’Brien, Intervention Specialist
  • David Norman, Intervention Specialist
  • Lauren Schiavone, Intervention Specialist/SLP
  • Sarah Shamburger, Kindergarten Teacher
  • Sarah Tomasulo, Kindergarten Teacher
  • Christine Myers, First Grade Teacher
  • Megan Scarbrough, First Grade Teacher
    Amber Peters, Third Grade Teacher
  • Melissa Cogan, Third Grade Teacher
  • Rebekah Bausch, Fourth Grade Teacher
  • Suzanne Fox, Fourth Grade Teacher


  • Hailey Willis, Fifth Grade Teacher
  • Jennifer Mandel, Fifth Grade Teacher
  • Camiele Papagianis, Middle School ELA
  • Kim Shapowal, Middle School Math
  • Christine Kelly-Cross, Middle School Science
  • Bryan Lamore, Middle School Social Studies
  • Patricia Mineur, Fitness Instructor
  • Le’Asia Merritt, Fitness Instructor
  • James Shelton Bell, Martial Arts Instructor
  • Michael Shockey, Psychologist
  • Paul Brown, RJC/ISS
  • Thomas Murphy, Intervention Specialist
  • Kevin Rettinger, Intervention Specialist
  • Susan Richter, Intervention Specialist