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  • Ms. Lynn Hursey, Principal
    Roni Jamison, Academic Coach
  • Brent Contantine, Office Manager
    Chantalle Hills, PT Office Manager

    Stacie Snyder, Kindergarten
  • Kimberly Agler, First Grade
    Ashton Cunningham, First Grade
    Hope Estep, Second Grade
    Miranda Singer, Third Grade
    Kelsey Benassi, Third Grade
    Aaron Edwards, Fourth Grade
    Andrew Flavin, Fifth Grade
    Erica Merriman,  Fifth Grade

Jim Spelman, Middle School Math
Alande Lewis, Middle School Science
Lindsay Haylor, Middle School ELA
Philip Hathcock, Middle School SS
Nils Lewis, Intervention Specialists
Diana Borgese, Intervention Specialists
Chad Schneider, Occupational Therapist
Madison Colton, Speech Language Path.
Sue Colgan, Title Tutor
Lori Blackburn, Title Tutor
Terrance Perkins, Martial Arts