Students at the Toledo Preparatory and Fitness Academy are required to wear uniforms every day. Our policy of requiring school uniforms has many advantages for students, families, and the learning community.

Uniforms eliminate discussions and competition about clothing. It is important to look nice on the outside, but positive and strong character comes from the attitudes we dress up with from the inside.

Uniforms are affordable.

Uniforms prevent students and parents from spending extra time deciding what to wear to school each morning. The time you save can be placed on affirming your child, before he/she leaves for school in the morning or a simple review of homework, before your child leaves for school.

Uniforms contribute to a positive learning environment.

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Download Toledo Preparatory & Fitness Academies uniform guide here.

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Description of Uniforms
  • Shirts: White or burgundy polo’s, with school’s logo. Solid-colored burgundy sweaters, vests, and cardigans are permitted.
  • Pants: gray (boys only); belts must be worn with pants
  • Skirts/Jumpers: burgundy and gray plaid
  • Socks: solid white
  • Shoes: athletic gym shoe only for health and fitness program; black comfortable, closed-toe shoes for academic classes. No flip flops, or sandals or cowboy boots.
  • Ties: boys and girls
  • School warm up suit