The academic staff at Springfield Performance Academy is focused on helping our students achieve our goals. We offer a full curriculum that includes math, reading, writing, science, and citizenship, as well as tennis, martial arts, and soccer. We strive to develop eager minds, healthy bodies, and a strong foundation for personal development. Our teachers and administrators are here to foster students and promote academic excellence. Students spend their days in a safe, inclusive, supportive environment where they are encouraged to be their best.

At Springfield Performance Academy, we practice the 10 simple Successful School-Wide Behaviors; these are simple, common-courtesy practices that promote self-discipline, self-respect, and respect for others. Instilling these behaviors early in life increase the chances that they will carry over into adulthood, resulting in well-rounded, confident individuals who are poised for success.   

Here is a listing of the academic and administrative staff of Springfield Performance Academy. Where indicated, you can click on a name and email an individual directly. We believe in open communication and welcome dialogue with parents, grandparents, guardians, and other relatives. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s academic performance or other issues that may affect their ability to focus and concentrate on their studies. It is our goal for every student to have a productive, positive school day every day. 

Thank you for choosing Springfield Performance Academy. We look forward to working with your child and look forward to a happy and productive school year. 

  • Amy Krieger, Principal
  • Sandi Ramsey, Office Manager
  • Eyler Chase, Assistant Office Manager
  • Kejuana Burris, Academic Coach
  • Amanda McClain, Kindergarten
  • Alison Deady, Kindergarten
  • Ayisha Duncan, 1st Grade
  • Brittany Craig, 2nd Grade
  • Christie Schulz, 3rd Grade Math & Science
  • Jennifer Igo, 3rd Grade English & Social Studies
    Kendall Yoder
    , 4th & 5th Grade Math and Science
  • Tyler Freeman, 4th & 5th Grade English and Social Studies
  • Angela Stukey, Middle School ELA
  • Philip Price, Middle School Math
  • Nicholas Carr, Middle School Science & Social Studies
  • Stephen Rossi, Fitness Instructor
  • Brandon Arledge, Building Sub
  • Paul Baker, Intervention Assistant
  • Sheridan Eyler, Intervention Assistant
  • Jessica “Blake” Nave, Intervention Assistant
  • Barbara Hughes, Intervention Specialist
  • James Hall, Martial Arts Instructor
  • Barbara VanSkiver, Title Tutor
  • Hugh Burns, Custodian