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South Scioto Performance Academy

Eastland Performance Academy

Whitehall Preparatory and Fitness Academy

Columbus Performance Academy

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Mt. Healthy Performance Academy

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Springfield Preparatory and Fitness Academy

Toledo Preparatory and Fitness Academy

Trotwood Preparatory and Fitness Academy

Harvard Performance Academy

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The mission of Performance Academies is to prepare students in grades K though 8 for success in high school and beyond. Performance Academies stresses the values of academics, as well as lifelong health and fitness, to address the needs of the whole child. The Academies use McGraw Hill Reading and Saxon Math materials to deliver high quality instruction in an extended school day environment.

There are 12 Performance Academies in Central, Southwest, and Northern Ohio in the cities and surrounding vicinities of Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Toledo. You can look on the locator map or refer to the listings below:

1. Columbus Preparatory and Fitness Academy: 1258 Demorest Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43204. 614-318-0606 (tel), 614-351-9804 (fax).
Visit the CPFA website.

2. South Scioto Performance Academy: 2200 Winslow Dr., Columbus, Ohio 43207. 614-445-7684 (tel), 614-445-7688 (fax).
Visit the SSPA website.

3. Eastland Performance Academy: 2220 S. Hamilton Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43232. 614-318-0602 (tel), 614-577-1933 (fax).
Visit the EPA website.

4. Whitehall Preparatory and Fitness Academy: 3474 East Livingston Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43227. 614-324-4585 (tel), 614-238-3184 (fax).
Visit the WPFA website.

5. Columbus Performance Academy: 274 East 1st Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43201. 614-318-0720 (tel), 614-375-1995 (fax).
Visit the CPA website.

6. Northland Preparatory and Fitness Academy: 1875 Morse Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43229. 614-318-0600 (tel), 614-262-9111 (fax).
Visit the NPFA website.

7. Trotwood Preparatory and Fitness Academy: 3100 Shiloh Springs Rd., Trotwood, Ohio 45426. 937-854-4100 (tel), 937-837-9759 (fax).
Visit the TPFA website.

8. Mt. Healthy Preparatory and Fitness Academy: 7601 Harrison Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45231. 513-587-6280 (tel), 513-521-4509 (fax).
Visit the MHPFA website.

9. Middletown Preparatory and Fitness Academy: 816 2nd Ave., Middletown, Ohio 45044. 513-424-6110 (tel), 513-424-6121 (fax).
Visit the MPFA website.

10. Springfield Preparatory and Fitness Academy: 1615 Selma Rd., Springfield, Ohio 45505. 937-323-6250 (tel), 937-323-6252 (fax).
Visit the SPFA website.

11. Toledo Preparatory and Fitness Academy: 3001 Hill Ave., Toledo, Ohio 43607. 419-535-3700 (tel), 419-535-3701 (fax).
Visit the ToPFA website.

12. Harvard Avenue Performance Academy: 12000 Harvard Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44105. 216-283-5100 (tel), 216-283-5762 (fax).
Visit the HAPA website.

Thank you for choosing Performance Academy for your children’s education. If we can answer your questions about any of our schools, please contact us at 614-512-2151.